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Web-based Marketing skills to enhance SEO.

Being a Web Consultant On Call means being here to serve you:  From our home base in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we can provide Web Counsel via phone, email correspondence and or site visits. Our core competency as it relates to this website presentation is to apply our skills in an effort to maximize your "natural" SEO performance (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Optimisation) and therein help to enhance your Internet Presence / Marketing Prowess.

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Without a doubt our greatest Web Development skills are in, as we liken it: to feeding the web crawlers with relevant content that they will love to feast on (and thus assign top rankings for whichever search terms are important).  Our skills such as knowing where to click, knowing where to position the cursor when a new page is revealed; the routines of an initial website set-up, etc., all save time in an activity which has thousands of these clicks.  In terms of time motion studies we can build, maintain and enhance the website / websites, or better yet share with you the skills to realize these efficiencies yourselves.



Being skilled to maximize organic SEO effectiveness for websites plus with the past being the best predictor of the past we are pleased to present the following successes, with the Client's website's link presented later on this web page. Owing to that we envision this work as prerequisite work once the prioject has been completed very little maintennance is needed although regular web develeopment should become a part of your organisation's / organization's culture and marketing strategy. More references and examples will be provided upon request.

Mike Donia: Top Performing Real Estate Sales Professional. Before we arrived the website was not ranking for desired terms. Currently ranks #1 for GTA Real Estate Agent and 8th for GTA Real Estate on Google,ca

CBR Products: Quality Finishes and other Building Products. We do track performance on a regular basis yet a most notable success was that using our strategy the website's bounce rate dropped from the mid 70's to now around 10%.

Facetime Presentations: Brilliant and very knowledgeable Marketing Agency. Before the project they ranked on the 6th page (54th) for the search term: Google Adwords Toronto on Google,ca; After the Suggested Changes, Meta tags and Image tags plus some of our other SEO Firepower tactics they are now #1 for this search term.


To help achieve SEO effectiveness we are pleased to provide the following Web Development Services in our six-step Web Development Process (hopefully it will help serve as a road map to your SEO success) ... be HUNGRY to be #1, not #2, you want to be #1 and you want to continually strengthen your position to protect from being unseated.  Remember too that you have to have the process ready to finalise the transaction / finalize the transaction. The Website is like the Resume in that the purpose is to give you the opportunity to make the sale:


Please feel free to contact any of our Clients whom we celebrate here.

Our strength is in the Customers we serve and have served..



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Our Six Step Web Development Process:

1. List of Domain Names

  • Domain Name Selection c/w analysis of what's available respecting your objectives, budget, etc.  We'll put our Business and Marketing minds together to build your Portfolio of Domain Names and implement the respective Web Development Process.
  • We also sell domain names (the rights to domain names).

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The Public must demand Healthy Homes and Living Environments: We have the non toxic building materials and we have the Technology!

remove wifi from schools

2. Website Initial Setup Stage

  • Crafting Web Pages (Websites).   Our core competency as it relates to the Web Development Process is in building websites with relevant, added value content to achieve and maintain desired SEO performance.   We can undertake "turnkey projects", where we attend to all the tasks of Web Development, or if you prefer we can share / teach the reasoning of why to do something and why not to; and to be there as a Coach and Website Consultant On Call when the need arises.

3. Pre-STATUS Stage

  • Integrating Websites and Web Pages:  When we took on the SEO challenge for the Lawrence Park Home dot Com project we worked with the selected Real Estate Team to integrate the Web Pages of the hosting website as well as the numerous supporting one page websites or ebillboardsIntegrating a website presentation is much like being a sleuth: one has to know where to look, how to intertwine the connections and most importantly be dedicated to finding the solutions.  As with our numerous one page websites they can be a great way to help complement websites and website strategies.

4. Website Maintenance

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Optimization):  This aspect of web development has become our core focus. We have developed a template for acheiving SEO success.  The competitive advantage we wish to foster with our Clients is that we will share this process with you.  We do this for two main reasons: First is that we respect in this economy we must be aggressive to help companies to pursue cost effectiveness to compete globally.  Why outsource when there may be in-house talent wanting to grow their skills to serve your organisation?  Second is that website building should ideally be a continuous effort - staying ahead of your competition should always be in the forefront of your thinking.  Therefore it is in your best interest to know what's happening and why we make our strategic recommendations as we do.  Sure we could focus on our own best interests and keep the "secret ingredient " to ourselves thereby forcing you to commission us anytime changes are made yet our mission is to serve you unselfishly and trust that good things will happen. The true beauty is that this approach is proving successful.  Most of our Clients commission us to do the SEO tasks yet we find it is imperative that they know why and how we are doing what we are doing.

5. Website Tracking

  • Networking Solutions:  There are so many facets of Web Consulting that we do not specialize in.  This being said, we can strive to network you to the web skills you need.  Keyword Specialist, E-Commerce Technicians and so on and so forth.  We like to view ourselves as Facilitators: striving to make good things happen for all parties by creating the Win-Win-Win supply relationships.  We have a proven track record of success in this regard.Our network here in Toronto includes Web Specialists, as well as Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate Professionals, Doctors, Trades People, numerous Businesses and Services, the Child Care Industry including those who serve children with special needs (always remember person first: e.g. a person with Cancer versus a Cancerous person) and many more.  Together we can strive to make good things happen.

6. Linking Power

  • Commission us to help you in defining a web strategy that complements your Brand Strategy.  Our collection of specialists in the various business disciplines help to ensure the presentation is integrated when communicating your onlinr messages. As well when we work togetherm Marketing tactics may present themselves which may well reinforce the presentation plus have a positive ripple effect for our companies.  An example of this, our website development activities for the Sandy Hook Soap Factory resulted in networking with amother business entity that share in our (non toxic) focus. We both strive to serve people with Chemical Sensistivities and Allergies and our working together encouraged them to invest in and thus develop their new innovative Pure Natural Soap product line.  Perfect for us and the people we serve. This demonstrates that good things can happen when we work together towards a com.mon goal. Sandy Hook Soap Factory ranks 10th on the first page of Google.ca (from Toronto, Canada) for the search term Pure Natural Soap: www.sandyhooksoapfactory.com/ bargain-pure-natural-soap-line.html

Please feel free to contact any of our Clients whom we celebrate here. Our strength is in the Customers we serve and are honoured that they have entrusted us with SEO responsibilities for the website & Internet presence (totally or in part)

Real Estate Agent For Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Caledon, Vaughan, Newmarket, Markham, Pickering andOshawa (The Greater Toronto Area / GTA).

Bespoke Luxury Exotic Limo Service for the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. The GTA's first supercar limo aervice too !

Offering an excellent selection of wonderful teas, herbs and spices from exceptional certified organic sources.


VOC Compliant Coatings for the Building Industry: North American and International markets

Safe Living Technologies

EMR Mitigation Products + ENR Mitigation Services: North American and International markets

Sandy Hook Soap Factory

Natural Soaps and Bath Products: Canada & USA markets


Natural Beauty Products + Skin Care Cosmetics: Canada, USA & Global market

Beauty & Hair Salon in west end Toronto's fashionable Bloor West Village. Manicures, Pedicures and so much more.

Seated Chair Massage: Onsite visit for events and corporate relaxation sessions. Serving the Greater Toronto Areas (GTA) in Ontario, Canada

Award wining Producer, Director and Cinematographer. Be certain to view the "TO In 24" movie trailer.

Classic Boats available in Urility & Runabout models + Industry First = Classic Electric Boat Canada, USA & Global markets.


Go-to people for Watercraft and Powesports Equipment and Machinery in The Kawarthas and surrounding regions.

Natural Beauty Products + Skin Care Cosmetics: Canada, USA & Global market


Hair Cuts for Kids and Adults: Rwo locations (East-end Toronto and Pickering, Ontario, Canada






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How our Web Consultant On Call Service works:

  1. Initial Introduction and statement of purpose
  2. Recommendations, Acceptance of recommendations - e.g. commissioning us to build / modify a website
  3. Continuous review prior to publishing the website
  4. Review and Revisions ("tweaking") the Published website as required
  5. Contact your Web Consultant On Call as needed

Prepaid service + these credit cards accepted


Our experience works for you.



Please contact Mark Mueller to discuss your requirements or to request a quote.

In Toronto: 416.769.7700

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New and exciting things are always about to happen here at Web Consultant On Call dot Com.

We look forward to serving you from our home base in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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